Studies - Diabetes industry worth 48$ billion []

Newcastle study/ roy taylor -

[1 in 4 people with diabetes at risk of amputation] ->

“It is estimated that 10.2 million US adults 40 years and older are known to have diabetes, the estimated prevalence rate for developing diabetic retinopathy was 40.3%” -> . Abdullah Eid Abdulaal, Omar Majed Alobaid, Abdulrahman Alnasyan Abdulaal AE, Alobaid OM, Alotaibi AG, et al. J Family Med Prim Care. 2019

Diabetes increases Alzhiemers early onset memory loss risk by 65% -?

Mulberry leaf, relax to maximise body ability to heal< -

Mulberry leaf, relax + lower blood presusre < -

Diabetes in UK a third of USA -

[ < - Guggul one of ingredients that prevent NAFLD]

[ - Vitamin E Parkinsons

[,January%201%20issue%20of%20JAMA + - vitamin e | alzheimers]

[ < - Vitamin E | Heart disease]

[< - guggul weight loss / -> (source 12)]

[Bitter Melon, blood sugar and cholesterol > +]

NDMA in Metformin -

NDMA Cancer ->

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Cell metabolism -

Chromium -

Vitamin E Heart Disease, inflammation and tumors -


Diabetes industry size - []

Metformin + NDMA -,labeled%20as%20Time%2DCap%20Labs.

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[4] Gurmar -sylvestre/


[6] Gurmar -sylvestre/#Health_Benefits